Email-based attacks remain one of the most common and effective attack vectors, so developing resilience against phishing should be a key step in your organization’s security behavior change journey.

Reflex, formerly Phish5, offers a simple, self-service dashboard to create, run and analyze phishing simulation campaigns to test your employees' readiness against phishing threats. 

Branded Phishing

Phishers targeting your company don’t send generic looking emails. They emulate logos, vocabulary, and landing pages of tools and sites your employees already use. Reflex's built-in templates for the most popular sites (JIRA, Slack, O365, etc.) allow you to effectively test your users and their phishing resilience.

How it Works

Reflex was built to make creating and sending phishing simulations as easy as possible. In just five simple steps, you can set up a phishing campaign in under 5 minutes!


Metrics and Training

Reflex identifies your users most likely to click on risky links and which ones are running vulnerable browsers, plug-ins or extensions. 

You can see if your risk of compromise is decreasing over time. Additionally, you can determine whether users are less exposed, which users need more training, and which users need added protection.

You can review and download phishing campaign results right from your dashboard.


Next Steps

Read our best practice guide on recommendations for communicating a phishing campaign.

Learn more about how to create a campaign by reading our article Creating a campaign.

To help determine how hard a phishing email is or should be, we recommend you read Best Practice Guide: Determining Phishing Test Difficulty

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