Best Practice Guide: Before creating Predefined Lead campaigns

There are currently two ways of rolling out a campaign. You can do either or both campaign types based on your preference.

The major differences between Peer Scheduling and Predefined Lead campaigns are in the setup process and for Predefined Lead campaigns, there are no sign-ups required. Employees are assigned training and session leaders. 

In this article, we will guide you through best practices for rolling out a Predefined Lead campaign.

Target Audience

Before you start you should define your targeted audience for the training. Will it be a certain team (sales), office (Oakland, CA), or your whole company? 

Session Leader

Select a session leader to facilitate the Hacker's Mind game session. Session leaders could be someone from your security team, managers, volunteers, or you.

Scheduling and Booking Rooms

Once you've selected a session leader, they will be in charge of booking a room and determining the time to lead the Hacker's Mind session.


If this is your first time using Hacker's Mind you will need to configure your organization in the Elevate Platform. You only need to do this step once because the information is saved and used in future campaigns.

Train the Trainer

Before rolling out your campaign, we recommend the session leader review our training material to get familiar with the process and role expectations. You can view that here.

Campaign Rollout

After you've done the above steps, now it's time to roll out your Hacker's Mind campaign. You can follow the steps in this articleRolling out a campaign: Predefined Lead.

Now you're ready to play Hacker's Mind!



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