Initial company configuration

When you first log in to the Elevate Behavioral Security Platform, you will need to enter initial information related to your company. This information will be saved and used in future campaigns.

Our configuration wizard will walk you through these steps:

  1. Company Details
  2. Users
  3. Email Templates
  4. Confirm


This wizard sets you up to begin rolling out a Hacker’s Mind campaign, but if you’re not ready to fill in all of the details, or can only partially complete them, each of these screens is directly accessible in your dashboard after you’ve finished the wizard.

Let’s walk through the initial configuration steps.

1. Company Details

This page is to provide information about your company, used in the following ways:

  • Company Name - Name shown in training and emails when referencing your company.
  • Security Team Email - Used in Hacker’s Mind to reinforce where the employees should send reports of security incidents.
  • Sender From - What name should be used as the display name for emails sent from the Elevate Behavioral Security Platform.
  • Sender EmailThis is the email address the emails will be sent from. The default email address is yourfriends@elevatesecurity.comWant to change the Sender Email? Read Can I change the Sender Email?
  • Token Expiration - This is the amount of time before all admins are automatically logged out of the Elevate Behavioral Security Platform
  • IDP Metadata Url - To setup SSO, enter the URL of the identity provider (IdP) here.
  • Click 'Save & Continue.'

You can edit the information you've provided here at any time by clicking on your name and then 'Organization Details' after your initial onboarding. 


2. Users

  • The next step is uploading your employee list.
  • We recommend uploading all users in your organization as a starting point.
  • You can upload a CSV file manually or use our API integration.
  • If you choose to upload via a CSV file, follow the steps below.


  • We have a standard CSV file you should use. You can access this file by clicking 'CSV template.'
  • Not all fields need to be filled in, only the required fields. The required fields are first name, last name, title, and email address.
  • However, we strongly recommend getting all the fields uploaded as it enhances the administrative and end-user experience.
  • If you are not ready to upload all users at this time, you can simply upload one row with your name and move on.


  • You will receive a confirmation email when the upload is complete.
  • Click 'Save & Continue.' 


3. Email Templates

  • This screen allows you to edit, preview, and test email templates.
  • Elevate provides a WYSIWYG editor in which you can customize the templates to meet your internal branding guidelines.
  • When an email template is edited, changes will take effect in all future campaigns and rollouts of training. You will be able to edit these templates again during the set up of each Hacker's Mind campaign. 
  • When you're finished editing and testing the templates, click 'Save & Continue.' 


4. Confirm

  • On this page, you can check your information and make any changes and click 'Save' to continue.
  • You're configured! Now you're ready to schedule your first Hacker's Mind campaign
  • Click 'Schedule Campaign.'
  • See the 'Next Steps' section below to roll out your campaign.



Next Steps

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