Hacker’s Mind is a group-based virtual experience that puts you inside the mind of a hacker, allowing you to spot and exploit security vulnerabilities in your company, your team, and yourself, and giving you a first-hand look at why security matters to you.


Because Knowing Isn’t Enough

Passive training alone only has a 20% improvement in employee performance. Experiential learning wires the brain for long-term behavior change, which is why Hacker’s Mind lets your employees step into the driver’s seat to both create and respond to common attacks like phishing, social engineering, and malware in a single game. 

Built to Show, Not Tell

We remember the way security training used to be: drawn-out lectures, boring videos, and no real change. We created Hacker’s Mind to train your team without feeling like its training by putting them in a real-life scenario and showing, not telling, them about security.


Customize Your Experience

We work with your team to customize your experience, from the level of technical content to highlighting your most critical security behaviors, to the types of data and attacks most relevant to your organization.

In less than five easy steps, you can roll out a Hacker's Mind campaign. Each Hacker’s Mind session is set up like a gaming room, ideally with 6-10 people participating with each other in a session. Employees can take part in Hacker's Mind, whether they're remote or all in the same conference room.


See Measurable Behavior Change

We make it super easy to manage, view and download campaign metrics right from your dashboard. View employee surveys, completion data, and more.



Next Steps

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