Overview of data ingestion options

There are two types of data sets we will need from you to implement Vision and Pulse: HR data and behavioral data. 

HR (human resource) data consists of your active employees, and behavioral data consists of data from your security vendors (i.e., phishing reporting, security training, password manager, etc.) 

Below we'll discuss the options for ingesting behavioral data sets for Vision.

API Integration

We strongly recommend you use an API integration if possible. In some cases, you may begin with a manual upload process, then build out an API integration.

Our team can only build out an API integration if your data is located in the cloud. If your data is "on-prem" please reach out to your customer success manager to discuss the options.  

Another option is to automatically push your data to our S3 bucket via secure send.

Manual Upload

If you prefer to upload your behavior data manually, you can do so by uploading your CSV file(s) in the Elevate Platform or contacting your customer success manager so they can do that for you.

If you decide to upload yourself manually, please reach out to your customer success manager first to obtain the CSV file requirements and then follow the steps below. If you don't see your behavior listed, please let your customer success manager know.  


1. Log in to the Elevate Platform and click 'Data & Integrations.'

2. Upload your security behavior CSV(s).   


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