Pulse is a personalized scorecard that engages every employee with the motivation and personalized tools they need to improve their security behavior.


Top key benefits of using Pulse

  • Deliver insights on individual performance
  • Inspire friendly competition
  • Save time and money 

Pulse Emails

Employees receive personalized emails based on their past performance for the course of a month, quarter, or longer. The data is collected by Elevate Security from your company, integrated into our Elevate Behavioral Security Platform, and attributed to each person.

The Pulse emails are composed of behavior modules. Almost all modules consist of:

  • Intro text
  • Data graph/Social call out
  • Next steps:
    • Pass: Badge
    • Fail: Call to action button that links to training

The only exception is the overarching score which is a number calculated by the performance on all other modules.

They will receive badges as they complete different levels of security competency based on the behaviors you want to track. They can also see how their security skills compare to the company and their department. 



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