Hacker's Mind: Quick start guide

Hacker’s Mind is a group-based virtual experience that puts you inside the mind of a hacker, allowing you to spot and exploit security vulnerabilities in your company, your team, and yourself, and giving you a first-hand look at why security matters to you. Learn more about Hacker's Mind here.

Use this quick start guide to set up your organization and Hacker's Mind game session in the Elevate Behavioral Security Platform. 

Before you can schedule a Hacker's Mind session you'll want to make sure you have your HR file uploaded. More on this in our Data Integrations section. 

Step 1: Create the group for the campaign

Creating User Groups

Step 2: Choose your campaign type

Best Practice Guide: Peer Scheduling or Predefined Lead. Which one is best for you?

Step 3: Rollout your campaign 

Rolling out a campaign: Peer Scheduling


Rolling out a campaign: Predefined Lead


Helpful articles

Campaign Management & Reporting

Hacker's Mind game glossary



Questions? Please email our support team at support@elevatesecurity.com

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