Hacker's Mind: How do we rollout Hacker's Mind with a remote workforce?

Does Hacker's Mind work for remote teams?
Hacker's Mind works just as well in fully remote teams, Elevate Security has run it with large and small companies alike with great success. It's an excellent way to get remote teams engaged, playing (hard to do remotely for most companies), and still actively learning about what's most important - protecting your organizations security.

What's the optimal way to run a Hacker's Mind session with a remote team? 
Elevate Security recommends that you have everyone join via video that way people can see the speaker when they are talking. Elevate Security has found that video leads to higher engagement among employees while also simulating a roundtable, team gaming experience.

Who should participate in the Hacker's Mind session?
Elevate Security recommends you mix up the participants by department and title in each game so that people can meet new members of the company. However, since most teams are entirely remote it is a great time to have people play with folks in their larger team (think a group of folks in engineering, not just on their squad) but not totally random employees. This way people can see familiar faces and have a chance to emulate in office camaraderie.

How do you break off into teams when everyone is remote?
A common question is "How do we manage the attack planning section of the game?" This is the section of Hacker's Mind where you break up into teams and design attacks. There are a few different ways to accomplish this remotely. Here is a prioritized list of methods that Elevate Security has seen work the best within organizations:

  1. Using Zoom. After teams are selected have the first person listed in each team start a Zoom breakout room. You can use this video room to plan your attack and then quickly jump back into the main Zoom room where the game is being held. More info on Zoom rooms here. You may find it easier to also assign teams ahead of time that can speed up the process and you can pre-create the breakout rooms using this documentation.
  2. Using Slack or Microsoft Teams. After teams are selected, have the first person listed in each team start a Slack or Microsoft Teams chat. You can go back and forth over text in a chat conversation or call each other using the phone functionality and quickly talk live via video. 
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